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A network of walking trails connects to lookout decks, each with a different view of the rock formations and Bay of Fundy coast. Informative interpretive panels are provided for a self-directed exploration of our site. (See Park Map) https://www.igloocreations.com/ondagoweb.php?id=hopewellrocks

From the Interpretive Centre, take a 15-20 minute walk down to the main beach area where visitors can walk the ocean floor and explore the rock formations. Benches and washroom facilities are located along this trail.

Another trail leads to Demoiselle Beach, a quiet sandy cove located at the southern end of the park. The beach is framed by rock formations on one end, and expansive salt marshes on the other. This is an excellent viewing area for waterfowl and shorebirds. As well, watch for white tailed deer, moose, raccoon, porcupine, red fox, coyote or occasionally, even a black bear.

This walk is about 10-15 minutes one

way and benches are provided at selected spots. Interpretive panels and viewing decks along the trail provide wildlife information and views of inland forests. There are no washrooms or shuttle service along this route. Trail access is located behind the Interpretive Centre.

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Season Dates 2020

May 15th – June 19th                  9 am to 5 pm

June 20th – Aug 21st                   8 am to 8 pm

Aug 22nd – Sep 7th                      8 am to 6 pm  

Sep 8th – Oct 12th                        9 am to 5 pm    

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