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In addition to the Special Events that we plan throughout the season, you’ll find plenty to do at the Hopewell Rocks, whether it's high tide or low tide.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Visit the Interpretive Centre
  2. Browse in our gift shop
  3. Have a meal at the High Tide Café (See menu below)
  4. Grab a snack at the Low Tide Café
  5. Walk the ocean’s floor and explore the rock formations.  Give them your own nicknames!
  6. Watch the tide come in
  7. Watch the tide go out
  8. Practice your photography skills (Photo Hint:  Morning is the best time for photography)
  9. Enjoy the spectacular view from out lookout deck
  10. Visit the 300-year old Acadian seawall (aboiteau) at the north end of the park
  11. Watch the aerobatics of the Bay of Fundy shorebirds during their migration from mid-July to mid-August
  12. Hike the network of trails
  13. Sunbathe on a quiet beach
  14. Watch for peregrine falcons or wildlife at Demoiselle Beach
  15. Relax on the High Tide Café’s outdoor deck
  16. Use your GPS to navigate to the rock formations (ask our reception staff for a GPS sheet with coordinates)
  17. Go kayaking at high tide.
  18. Have a picnic lunch.
  19. Burn off some energy at the children’s playground next to the Interpretive Centre.
  20. Explore a cave or two.

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Part of the Hopewell Rocks experience is a beach walk along the ocean's floor among the flowerpot-like formations. The beach is accessed from a set of stairs off the main viewing deck and stairs/ramp beside the lower parking lot.

Allow at least two hours to walk and explore the entire length of the beach area.

The beach is a relatively easy walk until reaching The Ledges, which is an outcrop ridge of limestone rock on the southern end of the beach. The more adventurous may clamber over these rocks to reach Demoiselle Beach on the other side, however  use caution; rocks and boulders may be slippery.

We recommend sturdy and washable footwear, as some beach areas are muddy. There are several boot wash areas throughout the park for cleaning muddy footwear.

Visitors may safely explore the beach for 3 hours before low tide, until 3 hours after low tide (check tide tables for the day of your visit). As the tide comes in and water levels rise, interpretive staff will clear areas of the beach that become submerged quickly.

To fully appreciate the tidal phenomenon of the Bay of Fundy, plan to view both high and low tides.

Please Note: while every effort has been made to make the Hopewell Rocks accessible to all, we regret that due to its composition, the ocean floor is not wheelchair accessible

Kayaking at the Hopewell Rocks

Kayaking the Hopewell Rocks is a unique adventure and experience, particularly during the shorebird migration. Guided kayaking tours are offered daily at high tide by Baymount Outdoor Adventures, an independent operator. Baymount has an information kiosk near the parking area on the lower site. (see Park Map)

Tours should be reserved in advance as they fill up quickly during the peak summer season.

Contact Baymount Outdoor Adventures for more information (506-734-2660 or 1-877-601-2660) or visit their website.

If you wish to launch your own kayak and paddle without the benefit of an experienced guide, you must sign a waiver at the visitor information desk. You will also require permission to drive your vehicle to the lower site where you can off-load your kayak.The best opportunity for kayaking occurs from 2 hours before high tide until 2 hours after, as water levels are high enough for easy beach access. Outside this time frame, water levels retreat quickly, exposing the sensitive ecozone of the Fundy mud flats.

We strongly advise that you use common sense and caution, as the tides are unpredictable and currents strong. Please check weather and sea conditions prior to your launch.

For your safety we ask that you make yourself familiar with the Transport Canada Sea Kayaking Guide before asking to get access to the site for launching your crafts. The guide can be found at the following location:

We ask that you please return at least one half hour before closing time so that our staff can let you out through the locked gates.

Kayaking at the Hopewell Rocks


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