The Hopewell Rocks at the Cutting Edge technology meets Water’s Edge!

Enhanced Interpretive Experience

The Hopewell Rocks on the cutting edge of technology

In 2010 the Hopewell Rocks began a very exciting new program involving the use of I-Pads something we call “Cutting Edge meets Water’s Edge”. Due to its over-whelming success, the program was expanded this year and has greatly enhanced our interpretation program by bringing an array of Bay of Fundy concepts to our visitor’s fingertips.

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Have you ever wondered what the “Flower Pot Rocks” looked like a hundred years ago, or even 50 or 100 years ago, what the formations look like in winter, want to see some of the fauna or flora of the site, want to see a rock fall video or an other multitude of subjects related to the Hopewell Rocks, now with the help of our “enhanced interpretive experience”, our interpretive staff will be happy to share the experience with you, by showing you old post cards and photographs from different areas, they will show you pictures of the Hopewell Rocks in winter, covered in snow, you can view some photos and videos of the third successful pairing of the endangered Peregrine Falcon in the park with all three eggs hatching and now thriving. This year, the nest was located in a perfect spot for our visitor’s amazement and enjoyment; these are just some of the new and exciting things now available to all our guests with this very educational program.


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