Winter at the Hopewell Rocks

The Hopewell Rocks park closes from mid-October to mid-May.

Please be advised that no services are available at the Hopewell Rocks during the off-season and anyone choosing to access the site is doing so entirely at their own risk.

Although the park is still accessible to visitors, it is not recommended to access the ocean floor.

  • All cables that block off the dangerous areas during the summer have to be removed due to fact that the ice would destroy them during the winter;
  • As a result the sea caves and some cliffs that are considered extremely dangerous or fatal, because of possible rock falls, are not marked and therefore should not be accessed during the off season.

Off-season visitors enjoy the park for fall walks and snowshoeing, on the walking trails only. The viewing decks allow visitors to view the Bay of Fundy in all seasons.

Stairways to the beach are removed to prevent damage and accidents from accumulated ice.

If visitors decide, at their own risk, that they want to access the ocean floor, they are cautioned that:

  • They should always be accompanied by someone and
  • Consult the Fisheries and Oceans “off season tide times” at the link below;
  • As the Hopewell Rock is not open in the off-season visitors are responsible for their own safety.